How The Baby Crew Helps You Before, During and After Labor

The Baby Crew offers you childbirth education, and helps you prepare for birth. You will learn everything from how to decide when it is "time" to what to pack in your bag to what to expect in the stages of labor. You will have access to the lending library if interested, and we will practice breathing and positions and help you to feel comfortable and confident with what lies ahead.

You will be physically supported throughout your labor with various comfort measures, massage, and position changes. Most women find it helps to be able to move around during labor, change positions, or sit on birthing balls, we will find what works for you. Labor can be challenging but you will be well rewarded for your efforts when you meet your baby.

You will receive emotional support; you will be encouraged through those mental blocks that occur in labor by having continual emotional support to help you stay calm and focused. You will work on breathing and visualization techniques tailored to what works for you. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that birthing is a natural process that you do not have to fear.

You will receive informational support. Your doula will provide education throughout your labor. You will have access to explanations of procedures as well as the birthing process and what to expect as things move along. You will be reminded of your options and informed consent. Any questions or concerns will be addressed and you will have the tools to face each option presented.

Your Partner will receive support! Your partner will receive invaluable informational and emotional support as well.  Whether you are giving birth in a hospital setting or at home, there is no other event in life where a family member or friend will be asked to undertake such a major care taking role with minimum experience as that of the birth partner you have chosen to be present at your birth. Your partner will be shown ways to help you labor and find comfort at having someone else present to share the care-giving role.

Lastly, you will have someone who will advocate for you. As you labor through hospital shift changes, and as different personnel come and go you will have someone who can provide advocacy, when needed.

The Baby Crew is available after you give birth to assist you with any information and referral information you may need. You will have access to help with breastfeeding if you choose to do so (highly recommend!) and information with newborn care if needed.