3 Apps to Help You Through Your Pregnancy and Beyond!

Smart phones offer a wealth of knowledge right in the palm of your hand! During your pregnancy you can run into pregnancy information overload! Here are a few apps that can simplify your pregnancy and life during your pregnancy, labor and beyond!

Baby Bump Pregnancy (free lite version / 2.99 full version / available on android and iPhone).

Almost all pregnancy planner apps that you will find in the app store will calculate due dates and give you tips and updates on your developing baby. This app will also allow you to track your weight, mood and energy level, provides a kick-counting tool, contraction timer and even has a fun baby name section. There is also a newborn item checklist and birth announcement template. There is a section that helps you with your birth plan, and while it does not have a very comprehensive list (a lot of choices are left out) it is a good place to start looking at some of the options you have during labor. There is also a community that you can connect with to talk to other moms who are due around the same time as you are. If you’re taking belly pictures of your baby bump each week, there’s even a place to enter those! This app is really comprehensive!

ipregnancy (3.99 available on iphone only)

This app has facebook and twitter integration, so if you are sharing updates with family and friends about your pregnancy this may be the app for you. This customizable app is a way to simplify your social media updates by sending your updates straight to your accounts. There are 2D and 3D photos for each gestational week you are pregnant to give you an idea of what baby looks like and updates on your baby’s development. I love this app because it allows you to track your OB or Midwife office visits, you can keep track of weight, blood pressure and mood. There is also a section for questions you have for your care provider. We’ve all experienced that moment when we've had questions and our mind goes blank as soon as our care provider walks in the room!

My Pregnancy Today (FREE / available on iphone and android)

This app is from the Baby Center a comprehensive website devoted to providing you with expert information that varies from preconception, and pregnancy to parenting and general infant information from day 1 to age twelve. It is a great resource to have bookmarked. So, back to their free app, it gives you updates on your baby’s development, has pregnancy checklists, great videos explaining everything from fetal development each trimester to the how an epidural is administered. There is a nutrition guide and you can also connect to other pregnancy moms and parents in their community by joining birth clubs. The baby center also offers My Baby Today to follow your baby’s development after delivery!