The Baby Crew offers you all the support you need to have your baby by supporting you before, during and after labor. We provide you with the help you need to prepare for birth, providing doula support during labor, and attending to you afterwards by helping you find the information and instructions you need for lactation and newborn care.

The Baby Crew is not just for first time mothers, you may be considering a vaginal birth after cesarean or birthing for the fourth time! Every birth is different and you need the same level of support and care with each one.  With The Baby Crew, you will find support for your birth partner as well as education to help your partner coach you through labor.

Women are strong, and capable of giving birth naturally, and with the proper tools and support you can have a very fulfilling birth experience. Giving birth is not an easy task, but you can find your birth experience rewarding and worth it!  Contact me to find out how I  can help you have the type of birth experience you want to have!